Wine 101- Selecting a Wine

3Selecting a wine can be difficult without the proper know-how. Choosing a bottle may be more challenging when you are in a busy nightclub, and have to make a fast decision. Here are a few tips to assist you choose the correct glass or bottle of wine, or as a server, to help you clients choose.

Wine in general can be split into two categories: red wine and white wine. Red wine is heavier, while white wines tend to be sweeter. If you recall zero else, remember this old rule of thumb: red wines are finest for kick because the flavors stand up to the deep taste of the meat, while white wine is recommended for lighter dishes such as chicken and fish.

There are a wide mixture of different wines founded on the varieties of grapes that they are made from, and the processes that are in use to make the wine. Wines that are described as “dry” will be far less sweet, while wines that are described as “dessert wines” or “sweet” will be just that, sweet due to advanced sugar content. Dessert wines are master for dessert, but might be overly sweet for pairing with savory meals.

When selecting a bottle in a liquor store, you spend time perusing the bottle labels, but you might not have that opportunity in a nightclub. Stare over the wine list when deciding wine in a nightclub. Remember, that the vintage of bottle means that it was the year it was bottled in, it does not always imply that an older wine is an amended choice. A fast trick is to stare on the menu for a 1990 vintage wine, as 1990 is considered by wine people to have been an all close to good year for wine.

I got another tip to implement when choosing wine on a nightclub’s menu. Look for bottles that are described as “full bodied,” “medium bodied,” or “pale bodied.” This indicates the alcohol content level that the wine comprises. Alcohol is measured by percent of alcohol by volume, with full bodied wines containing over 12.5% alcohol by quantity. Lighter wines, or pale bodied wines, will contain as small as 7.5% to 10.5% alcohol by quantity. If you are the driver, get note of this measurement when deciding. Follow these easy steps and you will be on the right path in choosing a bottle that will complement your meal and fulfill your drinking preference.

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