4 Facts You Never Knew About Absinthe

1) Absinthe was invented at the end of the eighteenth century. was actually invented by a French doctor named Pierre Ordinaire. He invented absinthe by distilling wormwood and several other herbs into an alcoholic base. Although this may seem strange in today’s modern world of medicine, at the time it was considered a viable remedy […]

How to Conduct a Wine Tasting – The Basics

As far as I’m concerned, one of the finest, most enjoyable things in life is a good wine tasting. If you are reading this article then odds are you’re a wine enthusiast too, and you have interest in learning about having a wine tasting–that’s great! Tastings can range from a casual, intimate gathering of friends […]

Pairing – Food and Wine 101

Everyone has their own opinion about pairing wine with food. The most common thought process is white wine with fish and chicken, red wine with steak and pasta, but it’s more intense and in depth than that generic layout. Should I order Pinot Grigio with fish, is what I’m usually asked. This will depend on […]

The Basics of Wine and Wine Making

Wine can be an intimidating subject to tackle. Whether you’re headed to a winery for your first wine tasting, talking to a waiter at a restaurant, or trying to pick up a bottle for a dinner with your significant other, the subject of wine can be overwhelming. While there are many subtleties, differences and unique […]